If you are waiting years for your favorite series to complete, you must not be reading a Ginger Voight series. In 2013, she brought you the highly rated NA "Fierce" trilogy and in 2014, she released three best-selling full-length novels - ONE COMPLETE SERIES - in the first three months!!

Now she's gearing up to do it again, starting this summer with a brand new  trilogy filled with the ultimate bad boys (and girls) - BIKERS!

After several prostitutes wind up missing or dead, it's up to a formidable biker and one brave runaway to protect Hollywood's most vulnerable from a ruthless sex trafficker.

In her unflinching way, Ginger will take you to the dirty, gritty backstreets of Los Angeles for the STORM trilogy, to be released in its entirety by the end of the year!


On April 26, 2013, Ginger joined her good friend Brian Crow, radio host and guitarist for Zero 1, for an hour-long interview on his show, "American Pyscho" on XciteRadio. You can listen to the podcast here! Lots of fun conversation about her books and where she gets her inspiration, hosted by a real-life rock star!


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